West Coast Eye Institute


Intravitreal Injection -- Avastin

A helpful step-by guide on documentation and set-up of an intravitreal injection.


Bottle of Proparacaine

1 tissue ready to hand-off

2 cotton tip soaking in 4% lidocaine bottle

   - hand-off 1 cotton tip

3mL syringe of 2% lidocaine with epi -- with a 30 gauge 1/2" needle

   - fill 2% lidocaine to .5mL

**Patient waits 5 minutes, in this time DO THE BILLING and PLAN

1 lid speculum

Betadine bottle


   - hand-off 1 cotton tip

1 Avastin syringe -- preloaded with a 30-gauge 1/2" needle

   - hand-off with cap-on

Eyewash with 2 Tissues

Prolensa bottle

Under Surgeries and Procedures (Bottom Right)

  - click Intravitreal injection

Click Start New Procedure

For the correct eye: 

    Click Preliminary

    Click Consent Signed Today

    Topical Drops - Proparacaine

Next to "Drug Preparation"

    Drug - Avastin 2.5mg/.1mL

    Enter Lot #

     Expiration Date: Use the calendar

Next to "Procedure"

     Click the correct diagnosis

         - if AMD, must be exudative

      Click Time-Out perform

      Anesthetic: Topical Proparacaine

      Post injection drop: ketorolac

Click DONE

Add Plan: 

    Under procedure notes

       Intravitreal injection (Avastin)

In the diagnosis area:

   Add the date and injection details 


Check Coding tab

    Ask if you don't know or it doesn't look right.