West Coast Eye Institute


West Coast Eye Institute cares about the health and safety of our team and their families. This is why we created some COVID-19 office protocols. We hope that these protocols will ensure that all employees feel safe and secure coming to the office daily. If ever you have a question or concern regarding health and safety please always feel free to speak with management right away. On this page you will find the outline of the protocols that are already in place and also ones that we are actively working on. 

Thank you all for your understanding and patience during this strange and challenging time. 


If you feel sick...

We know it is a difficult time for each of us and our goal is not to make tough times tougher.  We have drafted our current COVID precaution policy and using the standards encouraged by CDC and local orders we hope to continue to be ahead of the curve. 

Additionally, please understand flexibility and revision to the policy will be made on the basis of the situation.

1. The sick day policy in the handbook continues to hold but this policy is an additional "COVID" policy.

2. If you feel sick, please inform the administrative staff and the medical doctor. And no questions asked you will be encouraged to go home.

3. All team members will be allotted 3 days of "COVID precaution" time.  This time is consider unpaid time off.

4. If you are symptomatic, you are encouraged to get a test.

5. If you are asymptomatic or pre-symptomatic, you can self quarantine for 14-days without a test.

6. If you are opting in to the COVID policy plan, you will not be allowed to return to work for a minimum until: 

     a. A negative test

     b. 14-day self-quarantine

7. A team member can elect to work from work starting on day 10 of quarantine if they can prove to have a mild safe and productive work space at home.

    a. if you work 6 hours in a day we will pay the full 8.